Two amazing programs...


The Freedom Circle Continuity Program,

and BLE Coaching!

BLE Coaching

Join Everett on Thursdays and Saturdays for IFS Parts Work coaching specifically focusing on the Bright Line Eating program. Keep your Bright Lines shining!

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Freedom Circle Continuity Program

Perhaps you've made a strong start on your Inner Work with The Parts Perspective on Peaceful Eating course. Perhaps you are a beginner or novice who is eager to learn. I encourage you to keep your energy going and your curiosity alive by joining our Freedom Circle Continuity Program!

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BLE Coaching Includes...

20+ Live Zooms with Everett each quarter!

Join Everett's small-group coaching sessions on Zoom Thursdays  and Saturdays. Bring your food plan challenges for IFS Parts Work solutions.

Recordings available around the clock!

Access recordings of previous BLE coaching sessions any time you need some extra support. Search by main topics covered. Learn from and identify with other's journeys.

It can take two or three months to get onto my coaching calendar. If you want help with your Bright Line Eating program including getting started on one, I can typically get someone on track very quickly in my small group Zooms.

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Freedom Circle Continuity Program Includes...

Connect with other members!

Join weekly triads, monthly IFS Parts Work coaching, engage with weekly inquiries and participate in Parts Pods.  Listen to recordings of past coaching, triads & inquiries as well.

New Parts Work lessons monthly!

Engage in a new lesson each month that will include slides, audios, meditations, and workbooks.  Scroll down to the lessons already available in our library.

Bonus Live Zoom Exiles Training!

Enjoy a bonus, 6 week IFS-based training on Tuesdays at 11 AM Pacific Time (Seattle). Experiential break-out room opportunities. Recordings available same day.

Private Facebook Community!

Join our private Facebook community where we share our Parts Work and support each other.  Everett and 8 Program Guides actively comment and support members.

Witnessed Parts Work sessions!

Witness Everett lead a Freedom Circle volunteer through a Parts Work session or volunteer yourself!  Identify your own parts by listening to recorded sessions.

Meditations sorted by type!

Relax, work with parts, or process emotions.  Meditations are sorted by type and listed by length.  More meditations are being added each week.

Bright Line Freedom Archive!

Receive full access to Bright Line Freedom 2021 lessons and materials.  Start at the beginning and learn Parts Work step by step with Everett's gentle guidance.

Zooms with Sam Garcia!

Enjoy a weekly journaling Zoom with Sam Garcia AND a monthly Soul Dance!

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Richard Schwartz, PhD

"Everett Considine is an excellent IFS Practitioner with many years of experience using the model and combining it with his own and other spiritual approaches. I can recommend him without qualification."

Richard Schwartz is the developer of the Internal Family Systems Model of therapy.

Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD

"Your innovative and powerful application of Parts Work has helped me know what my system really needs when it is telling me to eat. Thank you for your brilliance and insight working with countless Bright Lifers, for seeing the big important patterns, and for contributing your wisdom to the world."

Tom Burdenski, PhD

"Everett is a caring and personable teacher who creates a safe environment  that empowers his students to have the courage to do this deeply personal work.  Everett models everything you would want from an IFS facilitator and teacher. He is a naturally gifted healer who has committed his life to getting better and better at his spiritual calling."

What students are saying about Everett's courses...

Sharolyn C.

Finding out about my Parts was the missing link for me in overcoming my need to seek security and comfort from alcohol and drug dependency.

Cheryl B.

My Inner World now knows peace and this reflects in the way I navigate life, it truly is life-changing.

Karen P.

Learning Parts Work from Everett has awakened me to understanding why I do what I do and how to grow to be more conscious and aware of ways that serve me and ways that don't.

Patricia O.

Working through Everett Considine's course in Parts Work has sent me on the path to better Self understanding, answered so many questions I didn't even know I had, and transformed the direction I have taken on my life's journey.

Catherine W.

Everett Considine's program is specifically designed to empower and enliven the Parts of you that are committed to living in a bright, healthy body.  All Parts of me are now welcome, harmonized and helping me to support authentic SELF leadership on our planet.

Verena M.

Self-leadership is what we aspire to in Parts Work.  Everett has guided me expertly with so much joy, kindness and compassion to be ever more Self-led in every area of my life.  The transformation in body and mind and the joy that has come from it have been and continue to be phenomenal.

Elizabeth C.

When this course came out, my need for self-compassion was so great, I had to join.  It wasn't easy for me.  Working with my Inner Critic and my Isolator allowed me to come all the way into the community and find the support and friendships I needed.  Now I have peace with my food so I can take care of myself and my health, with the help of all my Parts!

Shelley G.

It was impossible to stay in integrity with myself until taking Everett's courses.  These give me an easy-to-understand student-centered way of experiencing my own IFS Inner Work that is increasingly rewarding. Because of this, each day I now enjoy a stable and consistent weight, health behaviors, and well-being, as well as more success in my relationships with others.
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Freedom Circle Lesson Library 

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Choose Freedom Circle, BLE Coaching, or both programs, whichever is best for you!

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