About Everett

Everett’s life has been dedicated to personal growth – both for himself and others. Everett has a diverse background that spans technology, business, spirituality and psychology.  At the core he is a heart-centered systems thinker who can break down and understand complex systems and then explain them to others with ease. 

In over 30 years of dedicated meditation and mindfulness practice, he found that Internal Family Systems (IFS) was the missing piece of the puzzle.  Internal Family Systems (IFS) gives you a nuanced language and way to relate to yourself that is deeply healing and transforming.   It allows you to address the deeper emotional issues that can be easily “bypassed” in many forms of personal growth. 

In the 11 years he has been working with IFS he has seen amazing results both in his own life and the lives of his students and clients.   He has been teaching classes on meditation and mindfulness for over 30 years and he has been teaching classes in Internal Family Systems (IFS) for the last 8 years.

He has a private practice where he sees individual clients as a healer and a coach.    He is a Level 3 Certified Internal Family Systems Practitioner and uses that as his primary modality in his one-on-one work.

His many years of daily meditation allow him to be deeply present for his clients.  He studied Buddhism for 15 years and was initiated as a Buddhist monk and teacher.  He is trained in cross-cultural Shamanism.  He is certified and trained to perform Soul Retrievals, House Blessings, and Intuitive Readings.