Everett is a fully-trained IFS practitioner, meditation teacher, and workshop leader. He is an excellent teacher with an engaging manner and a calm and sensitive presence. I highly recommend his classes.
Jay Earley, PhD

Everett Considine is an excellent IFS Practitioner with many years of experience using the model and combining it with his own and other spiritual approaches. I can recommend him without qualification.
Richard Schwartz, PhD

I have taken four IFS tele-courses with Everett and I keep coming back for more! In addition to be a highly skilled practitioner of IFS, he is also a very caring and personable teacher who creates a very safe environment within the class that empowers his students to have the courage to do this deeply personal work. By practicing total presence, caring, and always putting safety first, Everett models everything you would want from an IFS facilitator and teacher--this creates a sense of safety and empowerment for all of the skills practice work done in pairs with others students in the class serving as practice partners. I have also deepened my own healing dramatically by having monthly IFS sessions with Everett for the past year and a half. The depth of my spiritual and psychological growth in that time has been remarkable. I strongly recommend Everett as a teacher and facilitator of IFS! He is a naturally gifted healer who has committed his life to getting better and better at his spiritual calling.
-Tom Burdenski, PhD, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Licensed Psychologist, Associate Professor of Psychology and Counseling, Tarleton State University.

Everett is a talented healer and teacher. I have taken IFS in person and via tele conference classes from him and have learned a great deal about the model and myself that I have been able to apply to my work as a therapist and in my own personal life. Everett offers a level of safety and non judgmental presence that creates an environment for deep emotional work and transformation to occur. I have been impressed with his ability to conduct effective IFS sessions while others are observing and with his capacity to hold and help people move through incredibly challenging feelings and fears. I would highly recommend individual and group IFS experiences with Everett.
-Regina Segura-Khagram, LMFT Private Practice

IFS mentorship with Everett has brought me more happiness and confidence than any other form of therapy I've tried. I have experienced quick progress since I've been working with him, which has improved my life spiritually, professionally, artistically, and romantically. What I love most is the de-pathologizing of my thoughts and behaviors; he teaches that there is nothing "wrong" with me, merely patterns that I'm ready to release. He teaches me to be grateful for what I used to see as neurotic behaviors, things I was ashamed of, which are actually just old survival strategies that, as an adult, I no longer need.
-Evan J. Peterson, author, publisher, and college professor

Everett is an exceptional IFS practitioner and healer. He brings an extraordinary combination of warmth, attunement and clear insight to this work, making it safe to look into the craggy corners of the psyche with both curiosity and kindness. In just a few sessions, I've seen tremendous growth. I highly recommend him.
-M.I. Executive Coach

What can I say about Everett - this man has guided me on a pathway back into my life. I had no idea how transformative the work we do together with Internal Family Systems could be and I doubt it would have been as successful with another teacher. Everett's gentle, nurturing nature allowed me to feel comfortable enough to dig into the inner recesses of myself that I never wanted to see. Throughout the process his patience and guidance allowed me to heal and his encouragement has allowed me to grow. I can sincerely state that my life is better for having worked with Everett.
-J.H. San Francisco

Working with Everett has been an absolute gift!! He is a life coach, colleague, spiritual teacher, friend, regular guy – all wrapped into one. Because he himself has a diverse worldly background – successful entrepreneur with real relationships (as oppose to some guy sitting on a mountain top) – he is able to relate to almost any issue that arises with the ultimate goal of getting “space” from the “clutter” so we can heal from the clutter and stop coming from the clutter and so we can “show up” more and more, drop by drop, from our True Self and the Present. Other qualities that help describe Everett: sharp mind, articulate, open-minded, and compassionate with lots of Self energy!!
-N.Patel Irvine

"I learned IFS Basics from a superb teacher and coach--Everett
Considine. He made IFS easy, straight forward and fun to learn.
But, the best part, for me, about working with Everett, is
actually receiving IFS coaching sessions. During our sessions,
Everett is my champion. I always feel safe, understood, and treasured.
Palpably, Everett leads confidently with his kind and warm heart, and
his deep intuition. Without question, he thoroughly enjoys his work.
And, it is a true joy to work with Everett."
M.B. Sabastapol